We are happy to share an interview that we did a few days ago with Stefan Schrader from Glückstreter have led. Lucky streter is which Address for sneakers in Bremen. In addition to a fine selection of footwear, the listed shop on Ostertorsteinweg also offers T-shirts and accessories.

Stefan has already launched 2 collabs with Glücktreter. Together with Umbro, they have the Runner Neptune and the Court Silhouette Highway WB brought to market.

A: Who are you? Can you briefly introduce yourself?

S: Hi, I'm Stefan, 39 years old and a boy from Bremen. Since 2013, I have been very lucky to be able to run my own Glückstreter shop.

Glückstreter - Bremen
Lucky Treter - Bremen

A: How long have you been in the sneaker universe, how did you get in there? Which model did it start with?

S: I've always worn sneakers. I used to be a big Nike fan. Back then, the Air Max 1 turned my head.

The Run. Redefined - Nike Air Max 1 ad

A: How has the sneaker market changed since then?

S: The sneaker game has become more diverse. Back then, there was one or none, today a great many are happy to be inspired and even leave their comfort zone. The topic of sustainability has also become a huge one.

(Editor's note: Glückstreter has a large selection of sneakers in this sector: Saola, SAYE, Flamingo and MoEA will be added in the next few days.)

A glimpse of happiness - Shop window at Glückstreter in Bremen

A: Bring it back. Which shoe should come back?

S: I'm a big fan of the adidas Tech-Super. Bring it back, please:)

on feet - adidas Originals - Tech Super - running white/bliss/vivid pink - Q20307
adidas Originals - Tech Super - running white/bliss/vivid pink - Q20307

A: What do you wear when you're not wearing sneakers?

S: As soon as I leave the house, I wear sneakers. Adilettes at home.

A: Which sneaker did you buy last?

S: I had to hit trampas at Karhu. What a beautiful and cozy model.

Karhu Trampas - rubber/fiesta - F809020
Bought twice - as a store and as Stefan: Karhu Trampas - rubber/fiesta - F809020

A: Which sneaker are you wearing right now?

S: I'm currently wearing the Court-Z from HUB. We've just received our new collection and I'm just adding it.

HUB Court Z - white/navy
HUB Court Z - white/navy

A: Which sneaker are you mourning, i.e. which one did you leave behind and then regret it?

S: My former crew went to Düsseldorf for the release of the Koi back then. I stayed home. Looking back, it really hurts. This shoe is so incredibly well done. The wooden box is also a highlight. Hats off @Afew, great job!

on feet - ASICS x AFEW-Store Gel-Lyte III - Koi - red/black/white - H51nk-0190
ASICS x AFEW-Store Gel-Lyte III - Koi - red/black/white - H51nK-0190

A: Are you a member of a sneaker regulars' table?

S: No I get to talk so much about sneakers all day long that sometimes a bit of space is really good:)

A: Does your collection have a focus?

S: No, I like to go out there.

A: How do you store your collection?

S: Everywhere. I don't have a walk-in shoe closet. I think some shoes are still with my grandma.

Much better than a walk-in closet: Inside Glückstreter

A: Is there a trend in the sneaker scene that you miss or are happy that you are no longer seeing?

S: Somehow I never really understood the hype about the Yeezy...

A: Do you clean your sneakers, if so how?

S: Yes, I have a ritual there. The sun must shine, I need to listen to good music, have a cold beer handy and then I can get started outside. I use foam, a brush, a midsole cleaner, soft kitchen towels and a microfiber towel.

A beer in front of the shop - here with the Umbro x Haake-Beck Greco, with which Stefan also had his hands on...

A: Are you meticulous? For example, lacing, clothing matching, etc.?

S: The colors are welcome to be coordinated with each other. I recently pulled out my green hoodie because it went so well with a detail on the shoe. However, it was much too warm for the hoodie and I had to sweat a bit in the store:)

When lacing, I always leave the loop on my tongue out. It looks much quieter and better when you're not using it.

A: Do you have any rituals, such as when unpacking a new shoe?

S: I actually study the box first and then I open it and look at the shoe in the box. Only after a short sampling do I pick up the shoe and study all the details up close again. Unfortunately, I always have to smell the outer material of a completely new shoe...

A: Which release are you looking forward to right now?

S: I'm really enjoying Karhu right now. They're putting out great stuff this year. I'm actually looking forward to every release.

Karhu Legacy 96 - grey/emerald/orange - F806035
Karhu Legacy 96 - grey/emerald/orange - F806035

A: Have you ever bought a fake sneaker “by mistake”?

S: Since I always buy in stores, I don't think so.

A: Are you wearing all your sneakers or are there any that are “too bad for the street”?

S: I wear them all. But only inside at first. After a few days, however, it's time to hit the streets. Unfortunately, some of them already look pretty rocked out...

A: Do you have a sneaker anecdote that you would like to share?

S: I always find it nice to witness how people can time travel with certain products. I had an encounter with a young woman who came into the shop and immediately ran enthusiastically towards a sneaker.

Back when she was a little girl, she really wanted the Adidas Allround, but her mother had forbidden her to do so. After I was lucky enough to get her the right size, she called her mother and said very happily: “Ha mom, I'm big now and I can decide for myself.” I always love to tell this story.

adidas Allround - 1986
adidas Allround - Stiftung Warentest May 1986 Quality rating: very good

A: Stefan, thank you very much for the interview!

S: It was a pleasure!

You can find more information about Glückstreter here. In addition to Glückstreter online shop, but we would particularly like to recommend a visit to the very nice shop. You can find that here:


Ostertorsteinweg 68/69

28203 Bremen

Mon - Sat/11 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Most accidents happen at home - Stefan in Reebok LT Court - chalk/seaport teal/alabaster - GW5118

Photos via Glückstreter, P. Simensen, AFEW