Columbia is launching a Heritage Capsule collection just in time for spring. It includes many colorful apparel pieces, accessories and shoes for women and men.

The new collection deals with life in nature. It is called “Painted Peak” and was inspired by the Painted Hills, a nature reserve in Oregon.

These are mountains that are known for their diverse colors and are described as natural phenomena. The colors range from red to yellow and various shades of brown and are caused by the deposits of different minerals and sediments. They are part of the “John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.”

The release of the collection is accompanied by several photos and videos showing artists from Berlin. They both used the Painted Hills as inspiration for their works.

The artist Nabila Valera (@nabilavalera) works with various fibers, such as wool, and captures the interplay of light and color in the Painted Hills on the canvas.

The artist Jonas Koch (@bambuta) works with paint and brush and also picks up on the color worlds of the hills. It creates a very dynamic image with various structures. Both artists wear selected pieces from Columbia's Heritage collection.

The collection consists of jackets, shirts, pants, headwear, a backpack, shoes, shorts and windbreakers. The colors, inspired by the Painted Hills, range from yellow to brown to many different shades of pink and red.

Some pieces are unisex. For women, there are T-shirts in various colors, which are decorated with mesh details and large back prints of the Painted Hills and the Columbia logo.

The shirts are wide cut and can be combined in many ways. There are also two tight shorts that reach down to the knee, in a shade of gray and a peach tone, and a multicolor, wide shorts.

When it comes to jackets, women have the cropped windbreaker in grey with pink and yellow details and two half-zip fleece sweaters. Both have a large pocket on the arm.

For men, there are also six different T-shirts in different colors. They also feature large back prints, pockets, mesh details and a large logo. The collection also includes two windbreakers. One is gray with pink accents and one is multicolor.

There are also two short-sleeved woven shirts in pink and grey with black mesh pockets on the chest and two half-zip fleece shirts.

The latest Heritage collection “Painted Peak” combines street fashion, style and functionality. It is in keeping with the spirit of the times and comes in a summery color palette.

The Columbia Painted Peak Collection collection is available at HHV.